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There’s no handbook to parenting in this new digital world, but we should prioritize our children and their right to digital privacy and safety over our desire for online popularity. 
I’m here because I believe that the state of parental public oversharing has reached worrisome new heights, and that children have a right to privacy, informed consent, and online safety.

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’ve been exploring the state of parental public oversharing, child exploitation and minor safety on social media since the summer of 2021. Since then, I have grown a large and supportive community of like-minded adults who feel that the way parents are sharing their children online is concerning and that the platforms, governments and brands need to step up to protect a whole generation of children from growing up in the public eye without their knowledge or informed consent.

Using children and their real lives as entertainment for strangers on the internet has somehow become normal, and I would like us all to consider a new normal. One that prioritizes a child’s right to privacy, informed consent, critical thinking and safety online over a parent’s desire for online fame. In 2021, I started using the phrase, “kids are not content”, and feel strongly that this is something parents need to reflect on.

My goal has always been to pose questions, offer a different perspective and provide information as it relates to these topics, encouraging parents to reflect on their own sharing choices and accounts they are consuming that are using “kids as content”.

Oh, I’m also a married Mom of two (both under the age of 5), I have a terrible sweet tooth, and love to travel.



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I’m proud to have worked with a diverse range of media organizations – finding common ground on child safety, no matter what!



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I’ve been working with news and media outlets from around the world to create a conversation about parenting in an online world. If you are interested in the topics I discuss, reach out to me. Mom.Uncharted is available for guest appearances.